Here are our frequently asked questions.

We know there are often many questions, and in most cases our approach is bespoke and developed based on a specific school and young person, but here are a section of questions and answers.

Please get in contact and let us know a bit about the setting and where you are, we will arrange to come for an informal visit to discuss what we can offer in more detail.

You can contact us here.

A one day per week package would start from £17,500 per year, with a clinician embedded in the school system for that day. However, this price depends on what the school and its students specifically require.

The cost of an initial consultation with Peaces would cost £95 with ongoing appointments costing on average £60.

Peaces is currently contracted into specific schools. The best person to speak to about whether you can access the service in your school is your school’s Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO).
The Peaces service is accessible privately with consultation rooms in Bradford, Colne and Ilkley.

Please contact our team and we will arrange to come and meet you at your school to discuss your setting and the young people you are working with. Peaces aims to be able to support the school in providing the highest quality of mental health care within the school’s remit of provision.

The proposed new guidelines from Ofstad include ‘Personal Development’ as one of the areas of assessment. Peaces specifically works to enable in an education setting to understand where a child is in their personal development and what may be the barriers to a child in fully achieving.

If you have any other questions please
contact us and a member of our team
will be more than happy to help!

Talk to Kate.